Uncover Your True Self ~ 6 Month Inquiry Coaching Online Program March-October, 2023


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As you lose the filter that I call a story, you begin to hear yourself at a higher level.
There’s a resonance that does not ever leave the center.
You come to honor it because you realize you have no authentic life outside it.  ~Byron Katie
Uncover Your True Self- A Program for a New You
March-October, 2023, with a summer break in August.

A “story” is a web of limiting, fearful, critical thoughts that you tell about yourself and life. “I am not good enough.” “No one supports me.” “There is something wrong with me.” “Life is unfair.” This program is designed to identify the underlying beliefs you carry, question them and watch them dissolve; uncovering what is always waiting below the surface of the stories. Your True Self. No improvement needed. As your identity shifts, unhealthy behaviors and habits shift.
The Uncover Your True Self program is designed to uproot and heal the knots in the mind where ego is holding onto shame and guilt and the knots of second guessing and comparison. As you practice living in inquiry you train your mind to become peaceful and create new patterns of responding and being in the world.
We begin at an early age to make meanings and interpretations out of events in our lives. We attach to those meanings, believe them, and begin forming an identity based on them. We keep building our identity based on those early beliefs. We then live our lives out of these old beliefs and see ourselves, life, others and reality through the filter of our beliefs. For example: My dad hit me and that means: “There is something wrong with me.” “I am not loved.” “Men are scary and violent.” “I deserve to be hurt.” As children we innocently attach to the meanings we make and they become installed within us much like a computer program. The beauty of The Work is that we can travel in time with it; go back and heal that inner child in a real way; uprooting these old beliefs at the source. These 6 months will be a meditation on yourself and coming to real peace within. Who would you be without your old identity? What could be different without your self-critical stories?

I am so grateful and excited to offer this program; it is based on my own inner journey of coming to real peace with myself, the woman/being called Helena. In the early eighties I started out on a spiritual quest fueled by my chronic low self-esteem and my longing to feel good, to feel joy, to feel loved, to have the courage to create what I longed for in life. I was seduced by stories about enlightenment: a state of perpetual bliss! I wrote thousands of positive affirmations to cover up my shame and guilt. I tried a LOT of crazy therapies and New Age modalities to try to improve myself. I sat at the feet of the Indian gurus, I talked to the Spirit guides, I swam with the dolphins. Long story short; I was a restless seeker and had been for over twenty years when The Work came into my life.

As I found The Work inquiry and dissolved the root of my pain: my own inner harsh, critical belief system and the past incidents that locked it in place, I was set free. Mind found a home in the heart and there was no longer any need to improve myself.

Topics we will dive into during the program:
  • Dissolving self-critical beliefs ~ dismantling the old ego identity
  • Going back in time to when you first started believing self-critical thoughts and undoing them at the source
  • Questioning lists of proof and underlying beliefs that holds up the old limited identity
  • Releasing past shame
  • Heal and find freedom from regrets
  • Identifying and undoing fearful beliefs about Life/God/Universe
  • Learning how to live in your own business without fearing other people’s judgments
  • How can I live differently in the world, coming from my true self?
  • Allowing right action and choice to arise from within
  • A circle of truth finders: You will take this inner journey together with an intimate group of 16 people; your fellow truth finders. Each month you will have a home-practice partner to meet with online or via phone, at a time of your convenience, to hold space for each other during inquiry. No facilitation skills are needed, just a willingness to be present, to listen and to hold each other in compassion. (And you can opt out of the partner work if you like.)
The program includes:
  • 2 monthly 90 min. group online sessions guided by Helena. 
  • 1 monthly private session with Helena (at a time of your choosing).
  • Weekly partner work with another participant (or however often you decide to meet).
  • Instructions for Daily Home Practices in weekly e-mail updates. 
  • Continual support in online classroom.
  • Written materials; the Uncover Your True Self Workbook.
  • Recorded Guided Meditations created by Helena and session recordings.
  • 1 other Look Within class of your choice (can be taken once the 6-month program is completed, or during it, whatever works for you).
The day and time of the monthly group meeting will be voted on together. Your homework session and private session with Helena will be chosen to fit your schedule.
Online meeting forum: Zoom, it’s free and easy to download. You can join via Video or voice-only, there will also be a free call in number.
Tuition: $288/monthly for 6 months or $1528 one-time payment. First monthly payment is due before February 1st 2023. $1528 one-time prepayment due before February 1st.
Some feedback from previous participants: 
“I highly recommend this program! To have the support to go back to some childhood situations where I first started believing self-critical thoughts and to uproot them in those situations has created a radical change for me. I no longer judge myself and second-guess myself. There is finally peace within.”
“During the 6 month program I was able to shed my old identity as an alcoholic and open to who I am now. I loved discovering how far I have come and how much goodness is within me.”
“I was so tired of being at war with myself; I signed up right away when I saw this program. It exceeded my expectations; Helena’s loving , clear guidance, the different topics she had us look at, and the home practice with partners from the class all worked together beautifully. I truly feel I have uncovered a whole new me!”
Cancellations: Cancellations must be sent in writing. For cancellation less than 1 month before program starts the tuition is non-refundable unless you can find a replacement participant to take your spot. If you leave the program before completion your tuition is non-refundable.

There is no story that is you or that leads to you. Every story leads away from you. Turn it around; undo it. You are what exists before all stories. ~Byron Katie


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Monthly Price – $288.00, Full Price – $1528.00


  1. I am interested in the 6 month program but a bit concerned with the summer months as I am gone a lot on adventures.

    I find myself curious if you ever offer this class from fall through winter…or early winter through spring.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    • Hi Penny,
      I only offer this program once a year, and we found that it actually worked quite well
      for people even over the summer months. We vote in the group for our meeting
      dates and then for the individual sessions with me and with your home work partners
      you simply schedule those when you are available.
      If you have to miss a group meeting (which are monthly) there is always the recordings…
      So I hope you’ll consider joining anyway…:)

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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