Transforming Emptiness & Longing – Meditation CD/MP3


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Track 1: Entering the sacred void. 30 min.
Track 2: Breathing with the fire of longing. 30 min.
Feelings of separation, loneliness and emptiness are often intensely present when we face a loss of some kind. In this gentle meditation we explore the empty space as a sacred void, fill it with our loving awareness and feel it transform into a golden fullness. You learn to find within all the essence qualities you miss, like tenderness, oneness and love. The sacred void can become a beautiful space of resting and spiritual renewal.
Track 2 offers guidance to fully open your longing, whether you are longing for someone you lost, your perfect partner or a child and transform it into fulfillment. Melting into the fire of longing carries you into heartfelt abundance instead of feeling you lack something.

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