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As you lose the filter that I call a story, you begin to hear your own self at a higher level. There’s a resonance that doesn’t ever leave the center. You come to honor it, because you come to realize you have no authentic life outside it. ~Byron Katie

You know that issue you have been longing to resolve but never find the time for? Give yourself the gift this summer of exploring deeper and turning this issue around into fullness and joy.
The inquiry based coaching, called The Work, that I offer is a profound method for uncovering your inner wisdom, and “finding the antidote in the venom” as Rumi said, in any situation, past or present.
Or maybe there is no issue lurking, maybe you just want to go even deeper into your own bliss. All is welcome. I have almost 20 years experience of inquiry based coaching and I have used it to shift and heal a lot of deep life issues. I would love to serve you this summer. Send me an e-mail with what you would like to work on and we’ll take it from there.

Tuition: $169 for 3 sessions, once a month in June, July & August, (or whenever works for you) via Zoom or Skype, with home practices and recorded guided meditations designed specifically for you and the issue you would like to shift and resolve.




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