Radical Love Shift through The Work of Byron Katie – for Couples. April 4-May 2, 2024.


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Radical Love Shift with The Work of Byron Katie for Couples – Dissolving painful love stories.

April 4th-May 2nd, 2024 Thursdays 10.00-11.30 a.m P.T


You are living with God (Goddess) disguised as your husband (wife), and he/she will show you all your unclear places; he/she will give you everything you need in order to get free. That’s love. When you see your partner as God (Goddess), your Work becomes very simple. 

~Byron Katie

I have been sharing this curriculum with women for over thirteen years and has been asked repeatedly to offer it to couples as well. I finally feel like I have lived this curriculum long enough together with a partner (now my husband) to be able to offer it from an authentic place. Hubert and I have been together now for 10 years, we got married in 2023, and our relationship is the most amazing one of my life. I had no idea it could be this easy, flowing and real; and I credit that to The Work. Everything I share in this class is born out of my own experience of how to show up as love, living in love, with myself and a partner.

This 6-week class takes a look at our underlying assumptions about love and romantic relationships/marriage and how they affect our relationship experience. In this safe, supportive space couples will have an opportunity to bring out into the light any stressful relationship thoughts/beliefs and look at how they create stressful habits and behaviors with our partners.

What did you learn while growing up from your family about love and romantic relationships? What does our culture, social media and popular love song teach us about love and romantic relationships?

Through using The Work you will learn how to investigate these painful love stories and how to find out who you could be without them. Learn how to find the real source of love within and how to live as love with yourself and your partner. What could be different without these painful love stories? Who could you be with your beloved if you were free, open and present? What could be present if love, not ego, was in charge?

Come find out! Join us in this adventure!

Topics we will explore and work through with The Work-inquiry during our six weeks together:

  • Painful underlying beliefs about love and romantic relationships
  • Limiting, fearful beliefs men have about women
  • Limiting, fearful beliefs women have about men
  • Unfulfilled relationship needs and wants
  • Past painful relationship experiences
  • How to work with jealousy and attraction to others
  • Returning to love after affairs and infidelity

All live sessions are recorded so you can take the class, and be part of home practice partnering, even if you can’t make it for the live session times. Please read (or re-read) “I Need Your Love-Is That True?” by Byron Katie (Available at www.thework.com) before class.

Tuition: $648 per couple

Early bird before March 4: $548 per couple


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