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What I, as a Certified Facilitator, can assist you with:

  • Guide you through the process of inquiry with kindness and clarity so that you can relax, look within and find your own answers with ease.
  • Help you find new ways to come out of stuck places.
  • Holding a clear space for inquiry; holding your mind steady in the focus of answering the questions rather than re-telling your story.
  • Be a compassionate and clear listener.
  • Identifying what thoughts are causing your stress and pain in any situation and helping you find underlying beliefs that hold up those thoughts.
  • Come with suggestions of how to uncover deeply held beliefs in any area you are working on.
  • Share their own experience of inquiry in similar situations.
  • Help you find authentic examples of the turnarounds that set you free.
“Being facilitated by Helena I loved her empathetic yet distinguished, clear way of holding inquiry. I appreciated her attentive way, picking up the slightest of nuances and her open ways in giving me very personal examples. Her giving space and time for me, and encouraging me to look deeply.” ~Birgit
Cancellations: A session package is a commitment to yourself and your freedom, and also a great deal money wise. Session packages can be refunded within 2 weeks of purchase if unused. If you have used some of the sessions of a package and want to cancel the rest, then the used sessions will be charged at the regular rate of $75. The remaining money, minus a processing fee of $50, can be transferred to another Look Within event within a year. The sessions in a session package can be used within a year of purchase.

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Private Session Options:

Single Session $90, Three Sessions $240, Six Sessions $459


  1. Helena helped me very much during our sessions. For starters she taught me how to apply The Work to self criticism. But most importantly she helped me help myself solve a big problem in my life. Which obviously was just a problem in my head:). I definitely recommend doing The Work with Helena! She is a great teacher, but also a kind person.

  2. I decided to have the sessions with Helena as a gift to myself and it was the best gift
    for me. Helena held me beautifully in inquiry with her presence and deep compassion
    and I was able to trust her completely to say any truth that was coming up and to not
    cersor my answers. I felt Helena was being a student with me rather than a teacher and
    we were both looking at the workings of my mind and at what was causing my suffering.
    At the same time she was holding and guiding me in inquiry in the most gentle way.
    I would highly recommend Helena to anyone who is interested in finding some peace
    and clarity in themselves and in the process wants to be guided by an experienced and
    compassionate facilitator.”

    – Melihate Dragoshi, Certification Candidate for The Work of Byron Katie

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