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Jon Walks in the Light – A Mother’s Awakening through Birth & Death

Jon Montelius died on May 3:rd, 2001 from an accidental overdose, shortly after his twenty-first birthday. In her fourth book his mother shares the story of a remarkable young man and her journey out of the dark hole that is most parents worst fear.

Faced with her most intense spiritual and emotional challenge she used The Work of Byron Katie, witnessing the breath and other simple spiritual practices, inspired by Buddhist and Zen teachings, to embrace and transform her excruciating emotions.

Jon Walks in the Light is not so much about how to “get over” grief and “move on,” rather it describes how to move inward and allow the process of transformation that naturally occurs in our times of loss and grief. Being present in the moment, opening to love beyond form and inquiring with self-compassion into painful thoughts are the themes of this book.

Jon’s death, a year after his little sister Leah was born, ultimately became another birth for Helena; an awakening into a new life of presence and resting in the deeper, immortal essence.

The way Helena transformed missing into fulfillment, helplessness into surrender and the whole painful experience into truth of life is a great healing to many among us.” 

Venerable Geshe Phelgye, Member of the Tibetan parliament in Exile.

“Jon Walks in the Light is a powerful book for those in the often agonizing process of opening into the healing beyond loss and the common grief that resonates in each of us. As parents and spiritual teachers we are inspired by Helena’s clarity and courage. She teaches the path of inner alchemy.”
Stephen & Ondrea Levine

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