Healing the Feminine Sexual Wound with The Work of Byron Katie ~ 6-week online class for women, July 6-August 10, 2021




6-week online class for women July 6-August 10, 2021.
Class times: Tuesdays 10.00 a.m-12.00 noon P.T (California-time). 
Have you experienced sexual harassment, abuse, violence or violation in some form? So many women have. This class is journey to heal our wombs, unpack trauma, find peace within and step out of stories of victimhood. A time to return, remember and restore our divine, empowered feminine energy.
The Work is a process of identifying and setting ourselves free from the painful beliefs we attached to during sexual abuse incidents. Thoughts like: “I deserved it” “I am a victim” “I am worthless” continue to mentally abuse us. Helena will guide you through healing personal painful stories about your sexual abuse incidents as well as oppressive cultural beliefs.
Prajna will guide you through processes that deprogram the stories that minimize your experience by keeping you small, unburden your heart, cleanse and activate the creativity in your womb space. She will teach you how to befriend traumatic memories and to contact these parts for resolution in the body brain system.

NOTE: It is important to note that these sessions offer great support and healing tools, but are not designed as therapy sessions. If you feel triggered by the material and require additional assistance, Prajna and Helena are available for private sessions.

Each week, in addition to practicing The Work, we will fortify our circle through guided meditations that take us into our bodies, cultivate roots in our earth mother, and grow us from the ground up. We will explore the following themes throughout our course together, not in a linear order. Each theme is a thread that weaves our wholeness:

Theme One: Creating safety in and around you. Honoring your body.

Theme Two: De-framing the mind.

Theme Three: Unburdening the heart. Becoming soft in the front, strong in the back.

Theme Four: Re-connecting to our wombs. Deep Listening. Earth-womb composting and coherence.

Theme Five: Resourcing the well within. Integration and filling your medicine bag.

Theme Six: Creating a womb wisdom sanctuary. Initiation ceremonies.

All on-line sessions are recorded and the recordings posted in our on-line class room so if you need to miss a session or two you can listen later and still be part of the class. On-line seminars are a wonderful way to connect with kind people, truth finders, from all over the world who are working through the same issues you are. Our class sharing’s are supportive, healing and transformative, uncovering your innate wisdom and sovereignty.

BONUS: Prajna and Helena will offer a follow up check in integration session after this course has ended. We will offer a Womb Wisdom Coherence Ceremony with opportunities to ask questions and share where you are in your healing process.

Your Facilitators:

Helena Montelius, 60 and a mother of two, is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie since 2012; sharing The Work worldwide via online classes. She has been a meditation teacher and women’s circle facilitator for over 30 years. She is the co-founder of the Women’s Temple Group & Network. She experienced sexual harassment from school teachers and in the workplace as well as cult sexual abuse during her 5 years with The Osho Rajneesh group. She will share her journey of coming to peace within. Learn more about Helena HERE.

Prajna O’Hara MA, is a 63 year old mother of three, two with disabilities; Certified Trauma-Informed Hakomi Therapist, 2005; Grounded Spirituality Teacher and founder of the Women’s Embodiment Journey. She’s been facilitating women’s healing and empowerment through courses and sacred drama since 1978 beginning in women’s shelters and prisons. Her sexual abuse and body violation within patriarchal structures cuts deep, including recovering from western medical team of men that were negligent in the delivery of her twins at one pound each. She vividly shares this story in her best selling book, Edge of Grace, A Fierce Awakening to Love. Prajna is passionate about birthing new possibilities for wise feminine care and connection.  https://www.prajnaohara.com

Cancellations: Cancellations must be sent in writing. For cancellation less than 2 weeks (14 days) before class start; the tuition is non-refundable. For cancellations more than 2 weeks before class start your tuition will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. If you leave the class before completion your tuition is non-refundable.

Tuition: $333 Early bird before June 6th: $288 This on-line seminar consists of a weekly 120 minute live Zoom class for 6 weeks, a 60 minute home work session with a partner from the class, daily support via a secret on-line classroom where Helena or Prajna will answer any questions and offer support during the whole class.

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