Entering Deeper into the Essence of Love – Meditation CD/MP3


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Entering Deeper into the Essence of Love 

Meditation CD created by Helena with heart opening flute music.

Track 1: Entering the Heart Center  30 min.

Track 2: Finding the Source of Love Within  30 min.

Receive gentle guidance to feel into your heart center, embrace whatever is present and breathe through contracted and closed places in your heart; allowing your heart center to blossom and become more open to the pure essence qualities of love, compassion and devotion.

Track 2 guides you through the “letting-go-of-form practice,” in which you explore the loveflow you share with someone that you believe is the source or catalyst of your love, how to find the source of love within and become the love you are seeking. This CD may be of help if you are sitting with a broken heart due to loss, divorce or betrayal or if you are longing to open the divine window in your heart and live in a more real experience of love.

I did these meditations daily after I lost my son, they helped tremendously in soothing my broken heart and also to see that the love I had shared with my son was not dead, in fact it was more alive and tangible than ever. Everything I had loved about my son was still present within me.

Music and sound mixing by Peter Lindahl www.inthelabyrinth.com

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