Create Your Own Women’s Temple Manual


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Create Your own Women’s Temple Group

by Helena Montelius & Chameli Ardagh

This manual contains all the inspiration, guidelines and practices you need to create your own Women’s Temple Group. You can use the many detailed outlines of Temple practice evenings for a large group, a few friends in your living room or for your own feminine spiritual practice time. The manual was born out of the Temple group Chameli and Helena started in 2005 in Nevada City, California. The Nevada City Temple Group is still going strong, with our Maiden daughters joining us sometimes, and hundreds of Temple Groups have started around the globe thanks to Chameli’s travels and international trainings:

What is a Women’s Temple Group?

It is a group of women who are fiercely dedicated to a living, breathing embodied expression of the divine feminine on this planet. Any venue where these women gather becomes a Temple. In Temple we pray from our hearts, move and dance without inhibitions, share nourishing touch, celebrate our gifts and our feminine beauty, go within in silence, speak only from our heart centered inquiries, anoint each other with fragrant oils, honor the seasons, allow our emotional flow…

Temple is like an oasis in the desert where the feminine flow can blossom, feel safe, seen and loved and where we commit to each other as sisters, as living expressions of the Goddess.

Temple is what every woman has always longed for without even knowing it…welcome into Temple…

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