Connecting with Your True Nature Meditation CD/MP3


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Connecting with Your True Nature

Guided Meditation CD created by Helena with centering flute music.

1. Witnessing the Breath 30 min.

2. What is Aware? 30 min.

Learn the simplest yet most profound and efficient way to enter meditation. Witnessing the breath was taught by the Buddha thousands of years ago and it is still a beautiful spiritual practice that you can use in any situation. Witnessing the breath is also a gateway to connecting with all living beings and the universal life force that is breathing you.

Track 2 guides you through the surface layer of any situation into a direct experience of your true nature, your inner shining flower of perfection. It takes you from fear, irritation, sadness, grief, any kind of stressful emotion, to that which is aware and witnessing those emotions. So that you can embrace and hold in compassion any experience life brings you. This CD is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practice.

Music and sound mixing by Peter Lindahl

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Full CD $10, 1. Witnessing the Breath 30 min. $5 MP3, 2. What is Aware? 30 min. $5 MP3

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