My Body My Temple ~ Releasing Body Judgments with The Work of Byron Katie ~ 6-week online class for women, April 18-May 23, 2019

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6 week on-line class for women running April 18-May 23 2019, Thursdays, 11 a.m.-12.30 p.m PT

Without comparison wouldn’t you be perfect?  ~Byron Katie

Welcome Women, into a new love affair with your body, as it appears in this moment.

  • How could you live in your body if you loved it 100%?
  • What could be different in your life if you were completely OK with your body without changing it?

During these 6 weeks we will see through, melt away and release critical thoughts and judgments about our bodies using The Work of Byron Katie, and Sensual Zen meditation practices created by Helena.

The Work is a powerful process of inquiry; questioning, seeing through and being freed from stressful thoughts. As the lies we tell ourselves about our bodies, (too fat, too old, too wrinkled, wrong shape e.c.t) melt away, we become able to see the body for what it is: flawless, innocent, sweet and as gorgeous as a piece of art.
It is only when compared to an image in our mind that we see our body as anything less than that.

Helena will share a series of self-love practices and rituals for you and your body that alongside with the inquiry will help you ground your new body love.

10 ITW credit hours
Class time: Thursdays, 11.00 a.m -12.30 p.m. PT (California-time) Zoom group call.
(20.00-21.30 European time),
Tuition: $199

Early bird: $179 if you pay in full before March 19.

Repeat Sisters: $99

Cancellations more than 7 days prior to workshop tuition is refunded minus $50 processing fee. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to workshop: you can transfer tuition, minus $50 processing fee, to another Look Within Institute event.

Listen to this juicy conversation between me and Lisa Schrader, Women’s Sensuality Coach, (

about how to do inquiry on body-image thoughts and other practices from the My Body My Temple class:

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  1. I can highly recommend this classroom with Helena. I came with so much awful body image baggage that honestly I was sceptical about losing. I threw myself into the class. Helena’s guidance and wisdom is beautiful, patient and kind. I felt loved and unturned. This is something for you as a woman to take the time to do for yourself that will turn your thinking around and love beautiful you!!

  2. I just completed Helena’s class. Using The Work around my body has been very helpful. Interacting with other women was also very enlightening. I now have a new appreciation for my body and all that it provides for me. Helena holds a safe space to explore our thoughts around our bodies. Great class

  3. A very nice and gentle class. Especially one guided meditation was very powerful for me. I really look different at my body now; I can see beauty. I experienced Helena as an open, honest, kind and loving person. I am definitely going to follow more of her classes!

  4. Thank you Helena and class mates for a wonderful life changing four weeks. I am amazed how my body thoughts and beliefs have shifted dramatically and am so grateful for this! The choice I am making is to live without comparison because this has been at the root of my body issues. I am beginning to notice my body only as a whole and stop myself when I focus on the parts I haven’t loved or have even hated. I’m finding genuine and authentic shifts. So, thank you, Helena for your gentle, humble guidance; you have taught me so so much. I have listened, learned and been privileged to have been allowed into everyone’s secret lives; the ones we do not readily share with others.

  5. This class had an enormous impact on my love life. I have been married for thirty years and our sex life have never been better; it’s like a whole new world opened. I am getting to know myself and my husband in a new way…

  6. I feel more freedom come through me since this course. I’ve realized I don’t really care, or think to look, if my belly looks “fat” when I am trying on clothes! I’ve started to notice the styles and things people are wearing that I love, and I don’t notice “belly fat” when I see a person as glowing and fully self expressed. Thank you, Helena.

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