Blossoming after Betrayal ~ Online Workshop February 3 & 17, 2019


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For only when faithfulness turns to betrayal,
and betrayal into trust,
can any human being become part of the truth. ~ Rumi

Have you experienced either side of an affair? Sat in the fire of betrayal? Are you struggling to find peace and open your heart again after a betrayal? Whether you were the “betrayer” or the “betrayed” our collective belief system around affairs is very painful and heart breaking.
Using The Work of Byron Katie (a profound process of inquiry) this class is designed to assist you in relieving the mental stress that comes with affairs, healing the shame and distrust and helping you come to peace. And learn what beliefs you were attached to in order for the betrayal experience to show up in the first place.

We will identify, question, see through and dissolve:
* shaming thoughts (of yourself & the others)
* cultural, collective beliefs around affairs
* any thoughts blocking your trust
* any heartbreaking, painful beliefs
* beliefs standing in the way of seeing your partner with 100% love

Once your mind is free and open you can find the next steps that are true for you; whether it is remaining with your partner, leaving or something in between…Or maybe you have already ended the relationship and want to heal your wounds before you enter into a new partnership.

This curriculum is based my own healing journey, I have been on both sides of affairs and used The Work of Byron Katie to come to peace, forgiveness (of myself and the other and the third party) and open heart. I have been a meditation teacher and inquiry coach for over 20 years. I became a Certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie in 2012.

Couples and singles both and any experience level with The Work of Byron Katie are welcome.

Class times: February 3 & 19, 2019 All class times are P.T (California time)
Class schedule: 10.00-11. a.m Zoom Group Session
11.30 a.m-12.30 p.m Zoom Partner Session
12.30-1.00 p.m LUNCH
1.00-2.00 p.m Zoom Group Session

Tuition: $199 Early Bird: $179 if paid in full before Dec.31 2018
Couple price: $350 Early Bird: $320

Whatever your partners commitment is, your commitment is what you can count on, until it changes. A long-term commitment is for this very moment. ~Byron Katie

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