Allowing the Healing Process of Grief Meditation CD/MP3


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Allowing the Healing Process of Grief

Guided meditations created by Helena with soothing flute music.

Track 1: Expanding through Grief 40 min.

Track 2: Healing Journey 20 min.

These gentle meditations help uncover old, buried grief or breathing with new, raw grief, assisting you to stay in the present moment and allow the natural healing process of grief. When grief is embraced it is a sacred journey of opening your heart into love and compassion beyond form; cleansing away old layers and giving birth to a new you. Through Helena’s compassionate guidance you learn to find the peaceful place within, like the eye in a hurricane, your true nature, that holds and nourishes you through your challenging transition.

Track 2 offers a healing relaxation where you breathe in soothing green energy and let healing energy flow through your hands to your broken and wide open heart.

We need to be kind to ourselves when we are in grief, it is a very demanding and energy taxing process. These meditations gives you some rest, support, healing and help to be with grief in a meaningful, nourishing way.

Music and sound mixing by Peter Lindahl

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