Allowing Surrender Meditation CD/MP3


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Allowing Surrender

Guided Meditation CD created by Helena with relaxing flute music and chanting.

Track 1: Transforming Helplessness into Surrender 30 min.

Track 2: Facing the Guilt Ghost 30 min.

Our deepest transformations often come in a crisis when something beyond our control changes our life forever and we feel utterly helpless. In these meditations you will learn how to make friends with helplessness and gently transform it into surrender. Surrender is a beautiful state of grace in which we are one with our true nature and our heart is open.

Track 2 brings the guilt ghost into the light and help you gently explore and see through it. As long as we are running from helplessness and guilt, they are running our life. In this meditation we sit down for a cup of tea with our guilt ghost, embrace it with our loving awareness and begin to move past it, into a more loving experience.

These meditation tools came to me spontaneously as I was going within after my son died. The helplessness was so excruciating that I had to pay attention to it, sit in it, breathe into it and make friends with it…I was amazed to find it alchemically shift and open up a whole new level gorgeous radiance within me.

My guilt was as overwhelming as the helplessness. My son overdosed on heroin and I had not even known he was using that. To my tortured mind that was the ultimate proof of very bad parenting! I would be on my knees in front of the toilet, nauseous with guilt. I could barely make it through a day so finally I had to face this ghost that was running my life. The beauty of that meeting still surprises me, the heavy, dark cloud of guilt evaporated into light as I invited it into loving kindness.

Music and sound mixing by Peter Lindahl

Item #: 978-0-9779253-5-3

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