General Information about all seminars

All on-line seminars and live retreats are open to beginners and experienced practitioners, we happily welcome both.
A good preparation for a class is to read at least The Little book (click on link for free download) and if you have time read
“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie ( and watch some U-tube videos with Byron Katie.

All on-line seminars consists of a weekly 90 minute live Zoom class, a 60 minute home work session with
a partner from the class, daily support via a secret on-line classroom where Helena will answer any questions and offer support
during the whole class.

All on-line sessions are recorded and the recordings posted in our on-line class room so if you need to miss a session or two
you can listen later and still be part of the class.

The on-line seminars are a wonderful way to connect with kind people, truth finders, from all over the world who are working through the same
issues you are. Our class sharing’s are supportive, healing, fun and transformative and so much wisdom is uncovered.

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