Private Sessions

Private Sessions

What I, as a Certified Facilitator, can assist you with:hm-privatesessions

  • Guide you through the process of inquiry with kindness and clarity so that you can relax, look within and find your own answers with ease.
  • Help you find new ways to come out of stuck places.
  • Holding a clear space for inquiry; holding your mind steady in the focus of answering the questions rather than re-telling your story.
  • Be a compassionate and clear listener.
  • Identifying what thoughts are causing your stress and pain in any
    situation and helping you find underlying beliefs that hold up those thoughts.
  • Come with suggestions of how to uncover deeply held beliefs in any area you are working on.
  • Share their own experience of inquiry in similar situations.
  • Help you find authentic examples of the turnarounds that set you free.

I would love to work with you in person or via Zoom or phone on any issue you want to look deeper into. I help couples work through issues and share how to use The Work in a relationship including how to share feedback in a way that creates more intimacy and kindness. A couple could also be two friends, business partners or family members.

During a private session I will help you identify the underlying beliefs that creates stress and pain, guide you through filling out a JYN-worksheet, (worksheet of stressful thoughts). Then guide you through the 4 questions and turnarounds; questioning, seeing through, turning around and being released from those painful beliefs; exploring and finding new ways to be and act; finding out who you could be in that situation/relationship without your stressful stories.

Some of the issues I have worked with very deeply: my son’s death due to an accidental overdose, painful childhood memories, marriage/romantic sex/love issues with men, my meditation practice, my own upcoming death, performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, money and abundance, being a mom to a teenage daughter… and any issue you would like to bring is welcome…

Helena Private Sessions (1 for $90, 3 for $240 and 6 for $459).

For a three or six session package, we usually meet via Zoom or phone once a week. Session packages include ongoing support from Helena for the duration of the package. Once payment is received, we’ll book a session time via e-mail.