Finding Peace in Transition A Day of Meditation & The Work of Byron Katie Jan. 21 2018



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Give yourself and a loved one a New Year’s gift of inner peace. Are you in the middle of a transition? Are you facing something that brings up fears? Are you looking for a new direction in the new year?
Join me for an afternoon of candle lit inquiry and meditation in my home in North San Juan where we explore and shift any issue that is stressful in your life or simply open to what comes up in the moment, using The Work of Byron Katie.

I have been in love with The Work since 2000, became Certified in 2012, and I have used this radically kind practice in many areas of my life; parenting, self-confidence issues, health issues, aging, love realtionships, family relationships, business…etc

Through inquiry, we discover how attachment to a belief or story causes suffering. Before the story there is peace. Then a thought enters, we believe it, and the peace seems to disappear. When we notice that we are believing a lie and living as if it were true, we become present outside our story. Then the story falls away in the light of awareness, and only the awareness of what is remains. Peace is who we are without a story. ~Byron Katie

The event is open for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

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$60 includes tea and snacks, all materials and Meditation CD.
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Retreat time: December 10th 1 p.m-6 p.m
Tuition: $60 includes tea & snacks, all materials and Mediation CD.

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