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Join me in a supportive circle of truth finders. Bring any questions or topics you would like to look deeper into. We’ll share, drop into stillness together, do inquiry on any thoughts and beliefs that are causing us stress or pain. Returning to peace, sweetness and balance as we uncover our inner wisdom and clarity.

Each Sunday has a theme that we might explore a bit deeper. First Sunday theme is: Being seen. Sharing your gifts with the world. Speaking your truth from the heart.

First Sunday of the month: 10.30 a.m-11.30 p.m P.T (19.30-20.30 European time)

October 7th, November 4th, December 2nd, 2018
Fee: $25 pre-registration fee to reserve a space that will promptly be refunded when the call ends.

Location: Skype Group call. Send a friend request on Skype to: helena.g.montelius

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