Awakening True Self – 6 month online Group Inquiry Coaching Program


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As you lose the filter that I call a story, you begin to hear yourself at a higher level. There’s a resonance that does not ever leave the center. You come to honor it because you realize you have no authentic life outside it.

~Byron Katie

Awakening True Self is a 6 month group inquiry based coaching program designed to uncover and awaken your True Self; the one you would be without your stories. Imagine being 100% in love with yourself, as you are right now, no change needed, living in deep peace; moving effortlessly into the world and sharing your gifts.
In the intimate space of 4-6 participants you will receive in-depth personal guidance and the support of fellow truth finders. We will use:
The Work of Byron Katie inquiry
Zen inspired inquiry
Contemporary Meditation & Mindfulness Practices

I have designed this program based on my own experience of busting open the ego story and living in love and peace with “myself,” Helena. Gone are the doubts, the regrets, the criticism, the shame and the seeking for spiritual enlightenment. Join me in peeling off the false layers and open like a lotus blossom.

Topics we will explore during our 6 months together:
* Dissolving self-critical beliefs-busting your old identity
* Making real peace with your parents-the masculine/feminine within
* Questioning spiritual beliefs
* Identifying and being freed from fearful beliefs about
* Dissolving future fears
* Releasing shame and past regrets

The program includes:
1 monthly group Zoom calls guided by Helena.
1 private monthly session with Helena.
Weekly partner work with another participant.
Instructions for Daily practices
Continual support in online classroom
Written materials and recordings of all sessions and group calls.
1 online Look Within class of your choice (can be taken once the
6-month program is completed, or during it, whatever works for you.)

Tuition: $198/month for 6 months or $998 one-time pre-payment

10 ITW credit hours

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Seminar options

Monthly Price – $198.00, Prepayment Price – $998


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