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  The Work of Byron Katie & Ceremonial Services
Helena Montelius
Founder of Look Within Institute
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
Welcome to the Institutes website!
I am grateful and honored to share the two loves of my
life, Inquiry & Ceremony, the Buddha & the rose petals,
with you.
The Work Inquiry has been, and continues to be, the most powerful practice I have found for spiritual awakening.
The Work held me through the darkest nights of my soul, like when my son's body died, and helps me transform everyday frustrations, like those dirty dishes in the sink!
Ceremony is not only a way to celebrate uplifting life transitions, like births and weddings, ceremony is also a way to healing, forgiveness, finding deeper meaning and moving forward during heart breaking life passages.
I work to end inner suffering and to create inner peace and awakening in the world.
I would love to share The Work and/or co-create a sacred ceremony with you.

Upcoming Events with Helena:

Feb. 24 - April 14  Ending the War Within ~ Question 101 Self-Critical Thoughts through The Work of Byron Katie
8 week on-line Skype class Tuesdays 10-11.30 a.m. PT. (CA-time)
March 2 - April 6   Attracting More Clients ~ Releasing Blockages to Success through The Work of Byron Katie
6 week on-line Skype class Mondays 10-11.30 a.m. PT (CA-time)
February 21-22  Nevada City, CA  Radical Shift into Love ~ The Work for Couples
Couples love retreat w. couple massage practices and honoring ceremony. Co-facilitated with Hubert McFarland, LMT.
August 7-9 Sierraville Hot Springs CA  Radical Shift into Love ~ The Work of Byron Katie for Women.
5th annual retreat for women exploring love/sex/romance and relationship issues.

January 10, 2015
Happy New Year & Happy New Moment!
I wish for you a year of deepening presence, continued openings of the heart and a deeper peace within.
I am excited to have evolved into an Institute where I will co-lead and co-create with other facilitators more, so that we can offer all the curriculums for classes that is coming through me to be offered to the world. Many of our classes are focused on creating healing in major life transitions; loss, illness, divorce our own upcoming death, but I have added some "lighter" subjects too as our students have requested that.

This year offers some of the favorites: Ending the War Within on-line class (is filling up right now, I have 10 spaces for that class) and the 5th annual Women's Retreat at Sierraville Hot Springs and some new things; co-leading couples retreats with my Beloved, Hubert McFarland. Hubert is a LMT and a poet. He loves to share his couple massage practices and his love poems.

The classes Look Within Institute offers are small and intimate (often 10-20 people) and gives you a real space for
looking deeper within, personalized support and a safe space to share with other participants struggling with and seeking healing with the same issues as you. The meditation and The Work inquiry are always deepened by ritual elements and ceremony to ground, honor and celebrate our inner shifts in our classes.
Welcome to this community of  truth lovers celebrating life!

Namaste & Blessings, Helena.
Skype: helena.g.montelius
Cell: 1-530-913-0186
Look Within Institute
P.O Box 137
North San Juan CA 95960
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